Arye Vieder
I am a photography artist based in Israel, specializing in headshots, portraits, seascapes and still life. With a BA in visual communications, I have developed a strong foundation in the field. My passion lies in capturing the best light possible and bringing my unique vision to life through photography.
Over the years, I have dedicated my lens to the mesmerizing beauty of seascapes, using optical filters to enhance and showcase the play of light and colors. Additionally, I possess expertise in product photography and still life compositions, where I pay meticulous attention to detail and employ creative lighting techniques to bring out the essence and allure of the subjects.
To realize my artistic vision, I rely on an Olympus camera with a micro 4/3 cropped factor sensor and pro lenses. With these tools, I strive to push the boundaries of my creativity and consistently deliver exceptional results. Whether I'm exploring the coastlines or working in a studio, my goal is to capture the perfect light and decisive moments, conveying emotions and stories through my art.