Sunrise over the hills and buildings of Givaat Olga area.
When I arrived at the beach to capture the high and low tides, I was pleasantly surprised to witness the sunrise as well. It was a beautiful moment as the sun burst out of the horizon, casting its warm light over the land. The view was framed perfectly by the east hills of Olga and colorful clouds that dotted the sky.
The contrast between the old and new buildings, as well as the vibrant colors of the sky, made for a truly beautiful scene that I was grateful to witness and capture.

Sunrise time in the beach and national resort of Gdor. rocks and waves with cloudy skies.
Rocks and a cliff in a long exposure shot of the beach.
Long exposure over the sea and beach place of Gedor national park.
The Golden Hour
As the sun begins its descent towards the horizon, the clouds act as nature's filters, diffusing and scattering the light. During the beginning of the golden hour, the light scattered from the clouds bursts immensely. As the sun continues to fall towards the horizon, there is a remarkable display of colors that paint the sky. Soft pastel hues start to emerge, casting a gentle glow on everything they touch.
The sun is blurring the sky between the clouds up in the sea. tides are getting higher and between the rocks the water is rising.
The golden hour sunset on the beach at Gedor national park
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